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We want the best of the best! If you have customer service experience and love to delight people with your ability to help, then providing customer service from home is a great opportunity for you. We have several Fortune 500 clients who you will provide top-rated service on a daily basis.   With comprehensive training provided to ensure you have all the necessary tools to bring that AWEsome experience.

LPM Virtual would handle the logistics of your opportunity with payroll, metrics, schedule adherence and coaching/development. Also, we provide you with multiple opportunities to choose the best fit for you. This gives you time to focus on your client base and maximize your earnings through stellar performance!

Once you have mastered your skills we have programs set in place to move you to the next level of establishing your own corporation. This program is in place to guide you with a step by step process of incorporating and managing your own business.

Our support staff is here for you in every capacity to ensure your success. How much you grow depends all on you ! You create your success story!​

Work Life Balance

From stay-at-home moms to business professionals, more people are ditching the stress of the office. They are finding time for quality family time and rewarding work from the comfort of their own home. From no commute to making time to bring a smile across a face because you can make that recital, this is your opportunity to bring the perfect work life balance.

It's Your Time ! Join us today!

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