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Voucher Requests

Where there is a will, there is a way!!

Assistance available for some program certifications

Assistance with equipment purchases made available from our affiliates

Discounts available for Military/Military spouses and students.

Tax consultation available to assist with year-end filing.

**Inquire during the enrollment process for details about

our referral/recruiter program

What is a voucher?

From time to time LPM Virtual Services may offer a voucher to help reduce the cost of a certification course. The vouchers will either be for a limited time, select clients or be given by a scholarship.

Steps to receive a voucher when applicable

  • You will need to start the registration process with the client of your choice, but DO NOT PAY.
  • Once you enroll in the class, you have 24 hours to submit payment.
  • Send us an email to when you are at that section and we will request the voucher be applied. (vouchers may take up to 48 business hours to be applied)
  • Once applied, you can continue the process and checkout.
  • The final cost at the checkout screen will reflect the voucher and you will pay the discounted price.

*Please note that because it may take up to 48 business hours to process a voucher, if you are interested in a high demand course that may fill up quickly, you may not receive your voucher in time. No refunds are given for vouchers nor credits towards future client certification courses.

*Please note that you must enroll, complete certification and service your first 30 days of your SOW to be eligible to keep your voucher. If these terms are not met then the voucher may be recouped from your paycheck or future paychecks within 90 days.

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