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Our Promise

Our Promise

Our promise to all of agents and partners is that they can be sure to get Commitment, Dedication and Accountability with us.

LPM Virtual Services will get you started!

  • We have extensive experience in state-of-the-art networking, technology infrastructure and business growth strategies to help you succeed.
  • We provide our partners with a platform to create their own work environment at home and provide professional customer service and tech support for our clients.
  • We are looking for people who are interested in investing in themselves to become professional independent business owners as work from home contractors.
  • We can provide you the assistance you need to achieve optimum ongoing productivity for your future. If you have ever dreamed of working from home, this is your opportunity!

LPM Virtual Services has been chosen as an IBO Premier Partner!

Being a Premier Partner means we have been recognized by our clients for providing contractors with outstanding performance and excellent business practices when interacting with their clients.

Some of the benefits of choosing an IBO :
  • Special voucher offers only available through a Premier Partner.
  • Fast problem escalation and resolution.
  • Direct contact with client management.
  • Partnering with a business that has been recognized as having excellent business practices.
  • Partnering with a business that truly wants to see each team member succeed!

As an IBO we offer the following and more!

  • Virtual platform for work from home opportunities with Fortune 500 companies
  • Competitive compensation and wages
  • IT set-up and training provided
  • Ongoing technology management and support
  • Coaching and Development through 1 on 1 consultation
  • Flexible Scheduling (Set your own hours)
  • Special Voucher Offers: Partnering with a Premier Partner IBO means that you will have access to special voucher offers you will not be able to find elsewhere!
  • Support Community: LPM Virtual Services has a very active support community. With many client service professionals on our team, someone is always quick to answer giving you feedback to assist with any task.
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