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LPM University

Welcome to the LPM Virtual Services agent university. This is your first stop on the path of become the best agent that you are destined to be. Working from home is usually a new perspective for most. We here at LPM want to make sure that you are the informed and prepare agent there is. We suggest that all agents complete the LPM University process prior to and during their client certification. Those that do generally because the top performing agents on their chosen client.

Tips of the Week

To be the best, you have to be the best!

For Active agents:

1. Schedule your weekly PES meeting!

Email your qapf today to have a short 1 on 1

2. Join a huddle information session by your client if available

For Certifying agents:

1. Arrive to class early

2. Get a 3 ring binder and loose leaf paper to take lots of notes

*** these are weekly tips and tricks provided by agents currently servicing**

LPM 101

LPM 102

Current Opportunities on the ARISE Portal

For details on which clients are available, visit the Arise Portal directly. The best information is first hand information. All details are provided in the Opportunity Announcement for that client. Each one is tailored to the upcoming class and current requirements. For help on understanding how to view an Opportunity Announcement correctly, download the "Agent Success Guidebook" from the Agent Gateway page.

**Please bookmarked the Arise Portal login page to your browser bookmark bar for easier access

Scheduling and Time Management Links

The buttons below are for your access. Please make sure that you are able to access them easily. 

*Starmatic Backdoor Login should be bookmarked to both Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers in the event that you are not able to access it via the portal.

*Starmatic Mobile should be accessed via a phone, tablet or both and also bookmarked. IT IS NOT AN APP. This is a mobile web page that links to your Arise profile. Any apps that you have are not guaranteed to sync and keep proper tracking of your schedule. 

*ACD Direct Time Clock. Please access and bookmark only if you are a current or plan to become an ACD Direct agent. 

*Waiver Incident Form is for the notification of technical issues, leave of absence an time away requests. 

MAC Support: Links for Bootcamp

In the event that you have moved, changed your name, switched banks or any access that requires you to legal change your name and/or address. Please access and submit a new updated form. We need to have all correct and up to date information on file for all agents.

If you need other assistance, please email us immediately

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