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Floral Delivery

Deliver the love

We have the perfect opportunity for you. Share the love this Summer by delivering flowers & gifts to loved ones in your local area!

How would you like to bring lovers together, make people fall in love, help add romance to relationships and get paid at the same time?

You can offer diverse service to people in your area. You'll make money and maybe even get a child named after you!

We are delivering flowers, sometimes on behalf of secret admirers to lucky people in their area, planning date nights, helping spruce up love letters, and more. There are literally hundreds of services you can choose to perform.

There is a huge demand in your area for more drivers. Sign-up below and you can become one today!

Make deliveries of flowers, candy, balloons and more in your local area when you are available. 


Reliable transportation

Pleasant personality

Ability to follow detail instructions to complete each order

GPS system to locate delivery locations

Mobile device to take picture of final delivery

Must be at least 20 years old

Must pass background check

Must have valid driver's license and insurance

Since this sounds like something you would like to do, click the button below to complete the enrollment form today.

If you have a great source of flowers in your area and you want to make these type of deliveries, take time to enroll today.

  • Make money for each delivery you complete.
  • Make your own schedule
  • Select the deliveries you want make.
  • FYI if you have your own product line you want to include, such as sweets, arrangements etc, let us know on your application. 
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