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Why should I become a Virtual Customer Service Professional for LPM Virtual Services?

LPM Virtual Services will provide you the independence that you need.

​You will have the empowerment to schedule your own hours and service a client that best fits your personality. You are in control of your work life with us.

Are there any start- up costs?

We do have military and student vouchers available for some certifications. Military includes active duty, reserves, national guards, spouses and veterans. We also have a sponsorship program that assists those that cannot afford the costs. All client certifications require a tuition cost from $0 up to $300.00 to qualify to service for a specific client's customer base.

How much is the pay?

The pay rate can vary depending on the client you choose to work. Current agents are taking home incomes of $8.00-$19.00 per hour as a base rate. There is no limit to how much you can make. You select the number of hours you want, the more you work , the more you make.

How much can I make as a Virtual Representative?

Our representatives earn anywhere from $9.00/hr to $19.00/hr. The pay depends on the client that is being serviced

What does it cost me each invoice to be an independent subcontractor?

LPM Virtual Services has a flat rate of $40.00 per invoice which covers services provided (payroll, reporting, support, IT services, filings etc) as a bi-monthly fee. We pay what the client pays and we pay out all incentives that our agents work hard for. Our payout schedule falls on the 1st and the 16th of each month by direct deposit

Will LPM deduct taxes for me?

LPM Virtual Services will provide each subcontractor a 1099 form at the end of the year for all services rendered along with any service fees that were deducted. The contractor will need to file these expenses with their tax report for the year. LPM Virtual Services will have tax professionals available to assist contractors with filing. A fee may be charged for the service but will be determined by the tax professional you select.

If I have scheduled service intervals and no calls come through, do I still receive revenue for that interval?

Arise manages the call volume by making intervals available to a different number of Client Support Professional (CSP)s depending on the volume of calls expected to ensure that all Client Support Professional (CSP)s receive a high volume of calls when servicing. Client Support Professional (CSP)s can expect to be on calls between 85% -95% of the time they are logged in our system.

Where is your office located?

We are based out of Spartanburg, South Carolina but we have agents all over the United States. Our primary platform does have restrictions in the following states:   California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, and Wisconsin.

Please check with our admissions team for other possible opportunities that may be offered if your state is listed above.

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