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Billing & Coding Opportunity

Medical Billing And Coding​​

What if you could start a career from home instead of just a J.O.B? What if you could work from anywhere and control when and how long you worked? If given, the opportunity would you learn the skills you needed to starting earning an estimated $25,000 a year to start, would you take it?

LPM Virtual Services, LLC is looking for you! We offer Medical Billing and Coding positions to those that want to work from home but don't have the traditional environment to do so.

This is a NON Phone position! All of our agents go through 4-6 month self-paced course that includes:

•Online course



•Help/weekly tutoring

•Software training

•Practice Claims To Gain Proficiency

•Work (once completed course based on performance)

Pay: Percentage of approved claim

example: ($10,000 claim = $200-$400)

example:($200,000 claim= $4,000- $8,000)

**claims will vary depending on the doctor, procedure and type of visit. The above are examples to show estimated payout**

This averages to estimated= $14-$18 per hour.

*Percentage level is based on performance.

The cost: 

$1350 $700 (With Required Books)

We will send you the books

Early registration enrollment discount of 50% is being offered for a limited time.

Payment Options are Available 

**DISCLAIMER: We are not a school we are a company that provides access to online course information, lessons and exams to allow individuals the ability to obtain the knowledge needed to perform the duties needed to process medical billing and coding claims. All agents are independent contractors partnered with NCTW Business Solutions,LPM Virtual Services LLC and its partners, contracted to process various claims.

Currently, we are accepting applicants to be placed on a waitlist to be notified of the start of our next class enrollment. All seats for the upcoming June class have been filled.

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